1. We’ve been vacillating on where to send her this coming fall. Nature Center vs Montessori vs co-op vs … Since she already knows all her numbers, letters, colors, shapes, etc we aren’t as concerned with curriculum as we are her need to socialize with kids her own age.  We noticed that there is a preschool being built - literally - 2 blocks away from our house and we like the info we’ve found on the group of preschools it is associated with. I love the idea of being able to walk her to and from school (especially since we only have 1 car).  I requested an enrollment packet today.

    I also called to get her into tumbling at the kids gym. She’s been doing headstands on our recliners lately and has pretty good form and balance so we decided to try that instead of dance. We’re on a waiting list. :-/   

    I signed her up for two preschooler camps at our local zoo today also. I figure if I sign her up and pay for it it will force me to push down my social anxiety and get out with her.

    The zoo opens next Tuesday and she and I plan to be there! Hopefully the weather will continue to look beautiful and stay above 60F so the giraffes are let out. We all need to get out after this winter.